Bringing the Global Economy to your office

DG DIAL serves businesses of all kinds and organizations of all sizes. By understanding both the short term and long term goals of your company, we can provide both short and long term solutions which will benefit your organization. Ideally, organizations who need to achieve a high level of efficiency to prosper but do not have an overwhelming supply of capital and human resources benefit greatly from our services.

Vertical Call Center Solutions

Staffing & Recruiting

              1. Does your organization suffer from high employee turnover or have an on-going need to fill commission-based positions? 

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            1. Event Invitations

              1. Does your organization have an event such as a seminar, meeting, fundraiser or private event for which you desire to fill with people and increase attendance?

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            2. Mass Marketing

              1. Does your organization have an excess amount of leads and/or send out hundreds or even thousands of mailers or emails but do not have the time or personnel to place follow-up phone calls to the recipients or prospects?  

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            3. Sales

              1. Does your organization waste lots of time cold-calling not-so-interested prospects using key personnel when they could be engaging qualified prospects in Sales discussions?

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            4. Customer Service

              1. Does your organization have difficulty handling high volumes of inbound phone calls related to customer service, inbound sales, or information verification?

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            5. Charity

              1. Is your organization in need of innovative ways to get things done effectively?

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